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Intranet: Cooperative Extension

County Operations

This site is intended to be a central source of information for all county Extension faculty and staff as well as the district offices.

Download the "Quick Guide to Reporting Injuries & Other Incidents" for finding quick answers to questions such as: When do I file an injury report? Incident Report? Where are these forms? Where do they go? This quick guide walks you through the process and gives quick links to the proper forms or reporting site.


Extension Foundations Class
February 15-17, 2017, Athens

Bottom Row:  Julia Ferguson, Rebecca Stackhouse, Leah Woodall, Campbell Vaughn

Middle Row:  Rocky Tanner, Betsy Martin, Meridith Franks, Patty McIver, Abra Lee, Alicia Holloway, Laurie Murrah-Hanson, Geoffrey Duesterbeck, Dwayne Sanders

Top Row:  John Scaduto, Lindsey Barner, Kimberly Howell, Michael Foster, Justin Hand, Mark Koenig, La Keshia Levi, Jessica Eubank, Zackary Williams, Emily Cabrera, William Gay, Richard Evans, Roger Gates