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Instructional Design Support

The CAES Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to providing instructional design support for faculty who teach online courses, hybrid courses as well as face-to-face courses. Our instructional design team aims to utilize effective teaching strategies and technologies to meet the educational needs of our students by providing high quality and engaging learning experiences for our students.

What can we do for you?

We collaborate with the UGA Office of Online Learning and the UGA Center for Teaching & Learning to help you succeed in your online teaching. To achieve that, we provide both one-on-one consultation and group workshops to assist you. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with design and development of effective face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses
  • Evaluate and improve course quality based on quality standards and best practices of instruction
  • Recommend strategies and appropriate technologies or tools to meet the learning objectives
  • Provide support for creating instructional materials to improve the interaction and ensure accessibility of online content

How can you get started?

Please feel free to contact our instructional designer Dan Ye and Emilia Dover if you need any assistance.

Dan Ye

Dan Ye earned her master degree in Instructional Technology from Southern Illinois University. She had worked as an instructional designer in Western Kentucky University for two years before joining UGA CAES Office of Academic Affairs. She is passionate about distance education and pedagogy. As an instructional designer in CAES Office of Academic Affairs, she works closely with faculty to design and develop courses utilizing best practices of online teaching.
Office Phone: 706-542-0612

Emilia Dover

Emilia Dover is a graduate student in the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication Department. She is in her second year of the Master of Agricultural Leadership program where she is focusing on middle and high school agricultural education. She is excited about distance education and using new technology in education to enhance studentsí learning experience.